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taking bones for analysis. the inspector told us that this may be animal bens. they won't know for sure until it's analyzed. vic lee awbc 7 news. >> thank you. >> you can imagine yesterday was a very difficult one for kevin's mother ann collin autos we caught up with her today in her home. she said she has not recovered from news of the search. >> i was numb most of the day. there is a little thing just to find him. it's going to -- i know it's going to devastate me. >> you can hear more of the interview coming up in one hour. >> it's been 24 years since family and friends have seen eileen michelle off. she disappeared from the streets of dublin. she will be honored with a walk and prayer service at
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7:00 at wells middle school. the family welcomes the public to join them. >> bay area based chevron is facing a heavy penalty tonight over that explosion and fire last year in its refinery.37: >> the fire burned for hours, forcing residents to shelter in place trying to avoid smoke and fumes pumping into the air. >> in richmond, cal osha has completed it's investigation of the august 6th refinery fire and slamming the company with highest penalties aloud under state law. the 25 citations total a million dollars. pocket change for the oil company. so it could go a long way in helping thousands of individual civil lawsuits. cal osha says the company could have prevented the company from the pipe.
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workers at the refinery and thousands of residents were exposed to toxic vapor from the fire. chevron says it's reviewing citations but does plan to appeal them. >> it's super bowl week that. means a lot of proud parents are in new orleans now. harbaughs are no different. >> jack and jackie took center stage today. larry beil was there, and he shared family stories with, and talked about how jim harbaugh zeroed in on collin paepernick. >> i've covered a lot of news conferences. i can't remember one as touching or entertaining. they shared many great family stories, and their love is so
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strongé?;h and so apparent. if super bowl 47 is as much fun as the parents, then we're in for a treat. >> they're going to ask us how we feel on this event. jackie? who has it better than us? nobody! >> and with the family signature saying, jack and jackie harbaugh conducted a hilarious news conference including why the names all start with j. >> no. we're not very creative. >> to the secret of the family success. >> jackie is is the foundation and rock of the family. she's the one that moved us 17 times in 43 year coaching career. >> jack coached college football 43 years so, this is the family business. it didn't thrill mom, when john decided to pass on a law career for football. >> i'm embellishing this story.
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jackie went face down into mashed potatoes and said what? coaching? you've got to reconsider this. ip(q not talked about football. getting any information out of jim can be challenge, even for dad two. years ago he was reluctant to tell his father 49ers were drafting collin kaepernick. >> which one is sit going to be? i could hear his voice. he said we're drafting collin kaepernick. do i not only think he's the best quarterback in the draft i think he's the best football player in the7o draft and we're going to collin kaepernick and i thought to myself jim, wise decision. >>. >> they lived through this experience, they know consoling super bowl lose jer important than n congratulating the winner. >> john, jim they have one
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request for mom and dad. >> both ef them have shared this with us. mom and dad, please, promise us that you enjoy this. enjoy this experience that. is all we're asking. please, please, enjoy this experience, and we're trying. >> they are tremendous, jackie wants nfl to change the rules. our theme today is family. we've focused a lot on the brothers. there are other brothers on the 49er autos that is right. sibling rivalry. have you brothers very brothers so i thought let's start with this competitive rivalry started. >> we were very competitive. me and my little brother. he wanted to get the best of me. i won't let him. >> the brother plays quarterback for colts. they deal in bragging rights.
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>> it's great having a brother. you keep the edge. you never lose it. i know what they're going throughh9&. >> not only are they competitive, they played the same position. >> when you're a kirkd i mean, i hated him. he hated me. we went at it. we got oldered and we matured and meshed well together. trying to help each other out. >> patrick willis was home before playoffs started. and his younger brother wanted to take him down. >> just going crazy, and talking smack. i'm like, i cannot play you. i can't play you hard. he is really taking this, all of a sudden i'm okay, going to play this time. this treatment. >> all this talk about
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harbaugh brothers, how competitive are you? >> very competitive, still competitive to this day. any time you get a chance to go up against a family member, it's a little bit more personal. at the end, you can laugh bit. we want to win. >> it is funny. i thought to myself, this is where your spirit really starts. his sister was the first competitive person in his family. so interesting there. >> were you a big brother? >> i was, yes. i wanted to keep my younger brothers down. >> what a spot. >> we have a serious note to talk about with news today involving 49ers this, is from chris culliver who said he did not want any gay players on 49er team, i'm going read you
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a direct quote now. no. we don't got no gay people on the team. they got to get up out of here if they do. the 49ers reacted immediately. and ish yued an apology. saying there is no room for discrimination on n.our organization. coming back we have a predux on super bowl sunday. it's a guarantee. because it's in the stars. that is coming up at7kaz 5:00. >> coming up at 4:40 a 7-year-old heart patient turned his room into a 49ers fan zone. then, on abc 7 news at 5:00, we'll take to you a new orleans street where locals prefer to hang out. >> be sure to follow our abc 7 news team in new orleans on twitter. abc 7 news sports director and sports anchor are tweeting all of the updates, some great stuff, too. follow them on abc
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7 news bay area. >> and now to, what may come after the super bowl. san francisco mayor and chiefs today visited one area of the city that saw violence after giants world series win. >> yes. they want to reassure business owners responses will be different this time. abc 7 news,dx is live with the story tonight. >> if you talk to business owners it seems like just about every other one has a story about vandalism that. is the reason for the advise this afternoon. >> everybody how are you doing? >> the first stop was an eye clinic. they showed a picture of what happened. she is hiring security guards for sunday. >> people sell wraitd last
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time. >> the city is promising aáxv÷ñ better response, part of the strategy getting cans setg ?hon fire off the streets. >> that was the message to shop owners still realing from vandalism. >> we have graffiti, broken windows and everything. just them coming by let's us know that they're actually going to prepare themselves much better. >> we don't talk number of officers. there will be twice as many officers working. >> making sure kmumpxz are open that things that happen, we react to them. >> assurance as side, employees and public likes will hunker down sunday night. >> we're going to have doors closed before the game. we'll stick around until the game is over. so want tojtzsure windows
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aren't tagged. >> tonight at 6:00 only on abc 7 news, we're going to show you a unique approach the mayor and chief and fire chief are taking apriling for celebrationn1uy with moderation. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> that sounds like a plan. >> turn to abc 7 news right after the super bowl. we know you'll watch the game, but then, switch back to us. we'll be live with how fans are reacting here and in the big easy to the win. >> that is right. >> we are enjoying another day of sparkling weather out there. >> yes. bright, sunny skies, you can see skies are cloud free at the moment.
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and temperatures soaring at had hour. it's 65 in fremont. a school kool spot 54 degrees. this evening, clear skies. turning cooler in evening hours. there will be a few chilly spots low temperatures from about 35 interior valleys up to 45 here in the city of san francisco. high temperatures low 60s on the coast to upper 60s alongey+ñ the bay and inland. i'll have the forecast coming up in just a few minute autos there is nothing not to like about that. thank you very much. >> still ahead why frozen pizza in your fridge may be bad for your health. >> black berry unveils a new phone, hoping it will recharge di >> all electronic toll taking one step closer for the golden gate bridge.
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that story is coming up. >> and michael finney is ta taking your questions, you can contact michael on abc 7 and on twitter, at m finney. >> taking a look outside. you're looking live at san francisco skyway. traffic heading towards you. trying to get on to the bay bridge. slow. heading towards peninsula, easy, no problems. stay with us.
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the maker of popular frozen pizza intrandz facing a class action lawsuit this afternoon. the suit claims that the cheese in frozen pizzas contains transfats chr known to promote heart disease. the brands include digiorno, stouffers and california pizza kitchen. a woman initiated this suit. >> she likes to make pizza for them. it shouldn't have a toxic additive banned in parts of the world. >> california and 13 u.s. cities banned transfats in foods served in restaurants, houfrk it did not include packaged foods.y.:÷ nestle says claims are baseless. >> a change for research in motion. apple taking action to protect the store season. >> that is right. hi, emily.
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>> good afternoon, carolyn and dan wh. a black berry by any othervu>3ñ man taste as sweet in research in motion doesn't think so, changing the company name to match it's sewn. the -- phone. the new name has been approved by the board. and here is what the chief marketing officer had to say. >> the timing was interest. we see change. and. >> the phones were unveiled today. the company will continue it's rebranding push in this sunday's big game. apple has trademarked design and layout of retail stores covering a clear glass store front. you may remember become in 2011 a number of fake apple
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stores in chinazy#dq meantime, corporate tech spending expected to refine this year, estimating corporations will increase about 4% that, is far outpacing last yeefr's 1% growth rate.xhn with fears about the sluggish economy slowed thicks down. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much. see you tomorrow. >> just a gorgeous view from behind emily there. with ridge, blue sky autos felt like spring out there. >> it did. this is stunning. our rainfall sock. >> yes. >> so this is guilt free,
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then. you cannot find a cloud in the sky. it's awesome out there. satellite and radar image shows a cloud free sky over the bay area. here is a look at forecast features, clear, cool overmild night, cooler with a bit of unsettled weather next week but that is off at the moment. now, massive ridge of high pressure high and dry into the weekend. in san francisco, it's the third driest january n record. and the driest since 1976. just over half an inch of rainfall total. overnight tonight, chilly and once again, low temperatures dropping into mid-30s and locations like santa rosa and napa. inland east bay, chilly with
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low of 37 in livermore, climb into the south bay. sunny skies with highs 66 in san jose.ñf 66 in redwood city. 65 degrees downtown to. 67 in cal stoga. east bay looking for highs of 67 in oakland and fremont. highs into mid 60 as cross the board there. upper 60s to low 70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild pattern continues throughout the weekend, through saturday. sunday, lovely weather here, lovely monday as well, clouds beginning to come into the picture on monday, tuesday. and there is a chance of showers next wednesday.
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>> thank you. >> up next, rihanna sets the record straight about where she stands with chris brown. >> mydg]lanket, teddy bear, other teddy bear and football. >> a room full of niners gear. a 7-year-old heart patient turned his hospital room into turned his hospital room into a 49ers n't wait for presidentsy to save on a new mattress.
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sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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breaking news in san jose. a house being used to grow marijuana thorkts say, caught nir afternoon. you're looking at live picture prz sky 7 as it happens. this is where you can see crews putting the fire out there. is a big hole on the roof. firefighters had to cut through the room they say they found heat lampes and other pair he kneela used to grow pot inside. it's a good sized house, as you can see. there waswj%/n no one inside. >> pop starry. hanna says she and happy with her ex, chris brown. saying she's not going to let anyone's opinion get in the waive her being happy. she says he is a rehabilitated man, but brown made headlines for a brawl with finger frank
4:25 pm
ocean. >> two super stars warming up for major performance autos rachel smith explains in today's entertainment report. >> a jom bee invasion hits hollywood. enough to scare even stars. >> it's a bit of a shock. >> this girl is selling it. do you see this? this is have bent over, iz glazed. >> you're my favorite skomy. >> it calls into the big screen on friday. justin timberlake bringing sexy back to the grammies. he will perform february 10th. his first appearance on the years. the new album will be released in march. get happy.
4:26 pm
march bra streisand will perform on the oscars. producers say how could an evening celebrating movies and music be complete without barbara? check out make your picks. >> up next a gun control debate and an emotional appeal as advocates and nra square off. >> also, severe weather leaves behind a path of destruction. >> and grand opening of san francisco's newest housing for francisco's newest housing for homessure and get a colde high be
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get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp. >> this is an important conversation. violence is a big problem. >> that is former congress woman gabrielle gifford who's made a dramatic appeal today
4:30 pm
on gun control. she and her husband, mark cell yes met with president obama today. giffords told congress tod65r at now. >> gun safety advocates and the national rifle association squared off on this issue. mark? >> the senate is considering and today, both sides ofk(x the debate were represented at that hearing. first, gabby giffords in a senate hearing the appearance was brief but powerful. >> speaking is difficult but i need to say something important. v congress woman shot in the head two years ago, made an appeal for action. >> too many children are
4:31 pm
dying. too many children. we must do something. >> the murder of 20 school;xñ children reignited the debate, today, in what will be a long battle over efforts to strengthen background checks on purchases and renew a ban on assault weapons. and told senators background checks would be a waste of time and money. >>zyn: you'll create an enormos federal bureaucracy, unfunded. they'll have to go through it. >> saying criminals won't go through background check autos criminals won't go to purchase gauns because there will be a background check. you miss that had point. i think it's basic.
4:32 pm
>> snorks i think you missed -- . >> order. order. >> i think you're missing... >> it was a contentious hearing. coming up at 6:00 we'll take you inside of a hearing in san francisco today. where congress members are talking about what needs to be done, we'll have that for you coming up at 6:00. thank you. congress discussed gun control, police responded to a shooting in a mortgage company that killed a=?;%> a man is holding a 6-year-old boy in an
4:33 pm
underground bumper. -- bunker. the child needs medication. this boy hz been held mer than 24 hours. the captor is accused of intercepting a school bus yesterday. the suspect is a military veteran who neighbors say is paranoid and combattive. >> severe weather turning across the skpouj mid west. take a look at these images. one person was killed in this storm. there are reports of others trapped in damaged home pz businesses now. this twister is just one of a handful touching down today. we've got damage in tennessee right now there. have been 200 reports of severe weather spanning from
4:34 pm
texas to indiana. meteorologists say a number of factors helped build this super storm. that with cold air coming in from dma da. >> facebook earnings up, but stock, down tonight. the fourth quarter earnings surpassed expectations but the company stocks still dropped. facebook came in with adjusted earnings and revenue rose 40%. facebook equates growth to a 23% bump in mobile revenue. the stock is still trading well below where it was in march. >> house minority lead skbrer mayor ed lee led the ribbon cutting today for veterans kmonz home for 75 vet transdisabled by mental
4:35 pm
illness, substance abuse, hiv, post traumatic stress disorder or other conditions. a 54-year-old sthez changed his life. >> this is not only my home there, is a community here. there are people working here in this building that will help with you something f you're a skpret here, and you need help, we have a staff to go to on problem solvers. it opened in november. >> that is great. and michael strayhahn. >> and a 7-year-old jorld not letting his illness get in the way of the sunday big game. >> i'm still taking your questions so you can contact me right now on and on twitter.
4:36 pm
i'll answer questions here live a little later. >> and what a beautiful view. blue skies, sunlight reflecting and it's mi.d we'll have more of this coming our way. >> outstanding. sparkling in walnut creek. traffic not moving too badly there. stay with us.
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>> ravens will win. he told me to go with the raven autos so, that means i have san francisco 49ers. i am absolutely perfectly fine withb/0r that. i love it. >> i've liked kelly ripa but that is just a bad day. super bowl bet is on now. taking advice from her husband, she picked ravens. former new york giants defensive send going with niners. he played and knows. now if baltimore wins he swril to do kelly's intense workout. if niners win they she swril to eat chicagoen wing autos
4:40 pm
other, brother. >> a young 49ers fan is not letting his condition get him down. >> he trance formed his room, look at this, into a 49ers shrine he has game jerseys 49ers blankets sheets teddy bears and team flags. and even has a little bling there. >> his family will join him his>uí>v favorite meal from kfc. >> my uncle is going to come. my family is going to come. we're going to watch ask eat chicken. >> he suffers from congenital heart problems and his stay may be a long one, if niners win he just wants one thing to add, of course, a super bowl trophy. >> that would be nice. and what a nice kid. >> we need to mempx a change
4:41 pm
49ers. >> thatiçrz is a limb bit of fun there. >> no clouds in the sky. sunny, mild, take a look at conditions. snow tomorrow in the great lakes and parts of the northeast. cold into upper mid west. expect a high of two degrees in minneapolis tomorrow. dallas basking in mid-60s weather, snow over northern i had i had. rain in pacific northwest. and portland. 70 degrees in phoenix. it's something you might expect to see in the winter. what about next four days? new orleans?v $óu will be sunny, milder friday.
4:42 pm
clouds on saturday and a slight chance of showers which i doubt will damperrávñ spiritsn new orleans. super bowl sunday looking at high temperatures into mid 60. a nice, pleasant day outdoors. state wide look for sunny and mild conditions especially in southern california highs into midz 70s, mid 70 -- 60s in other locations. 54 in tahoe. here in the bay area, it will be another lovely spring like day. january comes to an end, looking for sunny skies tomorrow, a high temperatures into mid to upper 60s, up to 70s down in santa cruz. 66 degrees in san jose. and that is going to stay with us into the weekend. that brings a smile to my face. >> still ahead on the road to recovery. a teenager shot in the head
4:43 pm
gets welcome news today after her long string of surgeries. >> if uzá
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sky 7 is live over a shooting in eastern san jose this, is the 1600 block of crusaro dri. you're looking at a man apparently shot six, maybe seven times in the chest. he was still alive when taken to the hospital but serious injuries. no lock down in the neighborhood. we've seen people walking around the area. >> well, pakistani girl whose defiance of the taliban appears to be for a full recovery. she needs a final surgery to reconstruct her skull. she was shot in october by a taliban gunman because her criticism of the group's opposition to educating girls. after the shoot swhaegz flown to england for her own protection and that is of her family.
4:47 pm
>> we have consumer news and a major recall to tell but. >> yes. toyota recalling more than a million vehicles in the u.s.. >> yes. michael finney is here with the session. but first, some details thoon. >> yes. there is a recall right here just days after toyota regained a top spot as the world's number one auto maker from gm. and the first recall being announced today corolla and corolla matrix cars are being recalled for faulty air bags. and in a second recall, lexus is sedans will be recalled because of a defective windshield wiper. front wipers could be installed incorrectly. there have been no accidents or injuries. owners will receive a model asking them to bring it into
4:48 pm
the dealer for repair autos now, questions first one comes to you from ann t via facebook. joined a gym. following week i received an ad advertising the same gym about $7 a month cheaper. they'd sold out of the cheaper rates but the ad was scheduled to go out. sthnt ad deceptive? >> if this story is crew. yes. it's illegal. you can't send out an ad knowing you're not going honor it what. do i think? probably may have happened? is that you got charged a higher rate because they could, then, didn't want to admit it to you. this is what 7 on your side does a very good job. if you give that a call, it's my guess in 15 seconds you'll
4:49 pm
get $7 off. >> i would be wrong. >> yes. 20, top autos david we mailed in can an auto lease be cancelled the next day prior to receiving the car. >> this is fascinating once you sign on the line, it's yours. however, if you buy a car, and it's not delivered you don't have to take it. that is why on a lot, if you you notice two, things they make you drive it off the lot that. way, you've taken the car. and then, other thing is that they put the car right next to the driveway sou drive off. do you know why? because people are so excited about the cars they bump into the other news news cars. >> that is you driving it o it's officially yours. >> and so you don't hit their car autos do you know if there is california law on probating
4:50 pm
apartment rent? is it based on 30'aez calendar days, even for february? >> that is a good call. i like the concept of that. a lot. it's probably not going to holdup. most leases are month to month. if this is day by day, you can do it. i don't think i've ever seen a lease like that. >> still ahead on abc 7 news a change about to take place on the golden gate bridge. >> test goinging on that could change the way you pay to cross. stay with us. >> coming up at 5:00 a plan operating likemç=$ air marshal plan only allowing less qaul fimd to be armed with concealed weapons at california schools. >> in new orleans do you want to know if 49ers are on their
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golden gate bridge is getting set to make history as the first major bridge to go all automatic with toll taking this, is expected to cause confusion for drivers when it starts in march. >> 20 million people pass through the gates. many have cash but not for long. all electronic toll taking is coming to the golden gate bridge. no more stopping. no more toll takers. commuters are skeptical. >> i think this might be confusing for people at first. but i'm for anything that cuts down on traffic jams so i think it's a good idea. >> officials are ramping up the system and testing it. the public won't notice anything for a while. but come march, the 30% of driver who's don't have fast
4:55 pm
track will be given several options to pay tolls including registering your plate with the bridge. >> we have a new system called toll invoice. if you don't have a fast track account and don't make a one time payment because you don't know what to do you're going to get a invoice it looks like this, you have 21 days to pay. >> i'm in the a local here. just a few times doi cross it, this is difficult as sit. >> do you keep your job here? what happens to you now? >> she says once it's over, it's over. many aren't happy technology will replace them, some swril a chance to apply for newy÷ñkp . 28 toll takers work for the i bridge. it could save the district about $16 million over eight years. the biggest messaxézoñ to drives will be don't stop, keep moving them. plan to put a sign up telling drivers that.
4:56 pm
>> confusing some people. late night talk she host jimmy kimmel being praised for his loyalty. 10 years ago kimmel chose his friend to be his band leader. two have been inseparable since they were little boys. one key member is his father cleato the second. he says it's a great feeling to play along side his son and considers kimmel his other son. tonight on killel live, magic johnson. it airs week nights right here on abc 7. that is right after abc 7 news at loerk. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. the school marshal plan designed after the air marshal plan only you might not like who will be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus. >> just to find him is going
4:57 pm
to devastate me. >> kevin collins family tells abc 7 news how closure in this case will never come easy. >> live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya pat yes. spring is in the air, how long will this last? >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> new details in the search for a 10-year-old boy last seen in 1984. >> a source tells us the disappearance has gone international. the source says they traveled to british columbia to interview the key suspect's former roommate and partner. the source says he denied kelly knew about this
4:58 pm
disappearance and hoping this may provide clues. yesterday, investigators searched the basement of the home shared in the 80s. police brought in two cadaver dogs. >> dog hit a particular spot. the dog was taken out a time period went by. a second dog sent in and hit at the same particular spot. investigators found bones and a preliminary review suggests bones are animal bones we'll have more on the investigation coming up at 6:00, including what two witnesses saw before collins disappeared. >> the faechl has been searching for answers. 30 years now as to what happened. today, his mother, ann sat
4:59 pm
down with nick smith to talk about yesterday's development in this case. >> this is a school picture that year. >> ann collins keeps the pictures close looking at them reminds her of happier time autos just a typical little boichl you know? filting with his brothers, liked to play board games. >> he went missing in 19846789 ann and her family have been looking for answers since. yesterday afternoon police learned remains were found under a floor of a home's garage. >> it turned my life upside down yesterday. i saw waits close to home and thought this could be it. >> but hope could be replaced by disappointment. according to information given to abc 7 news, those remains may be animal bones and they won't have an answer until a state lab looks closer. i spoke with kevin's brother by phone. he doesn't think the remains were found. >> again it's like after you

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